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About us
Association “Akademia BG” has the following goals and objectives: developing and implementing programmes and projects of big importance for education and science, agriculture and protection of the environment to a level equal to established international criteria especially those of EU.
The Association secures, guides and supports via preparation, qualification and pre-qualification of the workers needed, organisation, guidance and material supply of the producers from the agricultural and economy sector of the country.
Association “Akademia BG” implements its goals using the following means:
1. Promoting and material stimulating of the national education according to satisfy the needs of education of the community.
2. Securing clearance to education and qualification of its members;
3. Creating forms of organisation for science preparation, education and qualification;
4. Consulting the development and implementation of educational, financial and investment programmes and projects;
5. Organising and establishing conditions for development of scientific researches; 6. Secures science guidance for development of experimental fields and laboratories;
7. Promoting and consulting the organisation of rural and cultural tourism;
8. Supports organisation of forms, conferences, seminars and meetings with producers or with scientific goals.
Training Centre
Vocational training centre to the Association “Akademia BG” town Kardzhali offers full year education, forming a motivation system about professional realisation of students above 16 years old and issuing certificates for vocational qualification and pre-qualification.
The activity of the vocational training centre refers the National strategy for continuing education for the period 2005-2010 and includes getting, extending and development of the vocational qualification for people who have a permanent job as well as unemployed people aiming raising qualification, supporting their professional career and individual development.
School for higher education “Agrobusiness and Development of the Regions” Plovdiv
The Centre for distant and continuing education to the school for higher education “Agrobusiness and Development of the Regions” city of Plovdiv has been established with a decision of the Academy council responding the real community needs of higher education received using distant form of education.
Now the Centre gives the opportunity to the students to get a bachelor degree and a masters degree on variety of specialties. The educational process is held by famous professors, university assistants as well as excellent experts in the field.
Students receive excellent education and training according the requirements of their specialty thus it is the level of education is compatible with the EU standards. After their successful graduation all bachelors have the opportunity to continue their education and to get higher degrees. The college has contracts with many universities in the country ensuring students’ development.
Association “Akademia BG” organizes the functioning of the Centre for distant and continuing education to the school of high education “Agricultural College” in the region of Kardzhali.
Consultancy Centres
Association "Akademia BG" has opened two consultancy centres, one in Kardzhali and one in Krumovgrad, which main goal is to help to the agricultural producers in the region with information about agriculture and the funds producers can use. Withing these offices a portable laboratory for soil tests is operating.
Contact delails:
Vasko Vasilev - Chairman of the Association
tel: 00359 361 2 21 27
fax: 00359 361 2 21 26
Krasimira Zhivanova- methodology expert
Donka Georgirva - education expert
Mariana Mileva - education staff manager
Emilia Petkova - accountant
Ivanka Miteva - education staff member
Mariana Ilieva - education staff member
Antoaneta Tzvetkova- consultancy office staff
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